Mohawk Valley Vintage Woods For All Your Vintage Lumber

Mohawk Valley Vintage Woods offers re-claimed vintage lumber, newly sawn specialty woods, an interesting selection of architectural pieces, and antique mill and farm equipment.

We are located in Fort Plain, an Erie Canal town that is between Albany and Utica on the NY State Thruway. We call home an old brick mill building, where we keep a large, constantly evolving inventory of wood and other items. We work closely with a variety of local sources, including members of nearby Amish communities

Vintage or antique lumber is our specialty and biggest enthusiasm. There are in our rural part of the country many beautiful old barns. Most are still being used; however, some have deteriorated with time and neglect to where they are beyond saving. In such cases our company works to salvage the wood and other architectural parts for re-use.

Many people feel that new lumber can’t compare with the beauty of vintage wood. This is wood that literally bears the marks of the past. The patina of wear slowly antiquated through the daily traffic of former lives is not reproducible. That quality is commonly referred to as “character” and is unique.

In addition, there are types and sizes of wood that are rare today or not available at all. There are the treasures that turn up in our inventory.

Architectural parts, such as doors, windows, trim, hardware, and fixtures are available either in stock or by special order. We can often locate items for your specific needs.

We are acquainted with a lot of retired farmers, “junk” collectors, old farm implement enthusiasts, and others who can come up with some interesting things.

Contact us when you are looking for building materials for restoration or new construction with old-time character.

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