Available Items

Newly harvested White Cedar 

Random length and width, ideal for decking or paneling. $2.50 bd.ft.

Barn Siding 

This is real siding dismantled from vintage barns. Some are faded red, many unpainted. $4.00 sq.ft.

Antique shop and farm equipment 

Band saw, cultivators, more

Bark edged slabs 

Butternut and pine up to 3″ thick.

Antique Mill Stone Drums 

These mill stone drums are from our factory, and were used when the original Fort Plain Spring and Axel Works was a going concern in the 1800’s. Starting at $200.00 – $350.00 each. Great landscaping item.

Produce crates 

We have an assortment of wooden produce crates with the original advertising on them. $5.00 each.


Assorted solid wooden doors. Starting at $30.00.

Post and beam frames, unassembled 

Old fashioned mortise and tenon hand crafted frames. Made to order and on site assembly available.


Custom sheds, built to order.

Barn beams 

We have a good selection of beams, hand hewn and sawn.

Rustic Gazebo 

One of a kind gazebo $2,500.00


All sorts of windows, big assortment.


Antique buggy, ready to restore.


We have a lot of various sized wooden shutters.